Ultralight design and construction


All our products are produced with the latest generation machines and cnc Technology.


Particular cared in every detail designed and tested for their usage. 


construction illustrated manuals, 3D file and easy to interpret.


constantly evolving, our updates are always installable on your aircraft.

Zigolo MG12 Easy and fun

The Zigolo is unique in that it not only may be flown like a classic ultralight in smooth dawn or evening patrol conditions but also performs well as a motor-glider and can float in thermalling conditions. Two aircraft in one! 


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Pneumatic shock Absorber

Our air suspension has been specially designed to aviation application it's simple light and a great reliability, fully adjustable through the pump.


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Accepting orders 

We directly delivery in all countries around the world

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Shipping by DHL express delivery

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You can choose to pay via Paypal or bank transfer to keep your payment more safe and fast

The Zigolo Mg12 Motorglider is available for sale, over 40 kits have been shipped. It is classified as a Part 103 ultralight, SSDR and Class120 

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New projects

We carry out the project and the prototype we follow the development through to production all our product are made with accurate 3D design.

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