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We are very happy to mention that we were able to get the approval from the CAA to build and fly our own Experimental Class  Motor Glider. The Zigolo MG12.

We have started the assembly work today 01st. January, 2015.


This beautiful Glider is designed by Francessco De Martino in Italy.

The kit comes packed in two boxes.

It looks like a Giant Size Model Plane!!! Easy, I suppose to assemble.

This working bench was specially designed and built by Collin.

 The two fuselage sides are completed.

The verticle stabilizer and the elevator control mechanism built into it.


The rudder control mechanism.

Edward examining the elevator control unit.

Collin installing the rudder horns.

Amith installing the rudder hinges.

Amith Junior Rehan carrying out final inspections.

 Collin and Amith with completed Verticle Fin, Rudder, Horizontal stabilzer and Elevator assemblies.

 Horizontal stabilizer and the elevators.

The front section of the ribs.

Assembled ribs.

Rear section of the ribs.

The assembled wing.

Cross bracings of the main wings.

The ribs are epoxied to the spars using JB Weld.

The center section of the ribs are attched to cross members glued and rivted.

The wing tip.

 The root end of the wing.

Landing Gear

The main Buggy.

Junior, be careful……… Max torque 7Nm !!!!

Moster 185 Silent


Zigolo MG12 Fully Assembled

Starboard Wing Covered, ready for painting.

First Coat of Paint applied with brush. 


The Final Assembley:





















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